Ecotensil makes food sampling sustainable

Offering tasting samples to customers is a staple of the food industry. But all those trashcans full of mini plastic spoons and cups is not exactly staying true to the eco-friendly ideals of those in the natural and organic food world. This is why we caught up with Peggy Cross at the Winter Fancy Food...
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Tapping the Prison Market

When Cross launched EcoTensil, in 2010, her goal was to make the experience of eating yogurt and other single-serve food items a little greener. The company’s first product, SpoonLidz, is what it sounds like—a container lid made of coated paperboard that, with a strategic fold, turns into an eco-friendly spoon. Cross was having a prototype...
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Tips for a greener tradeshow

LARKSPUR, CA — Food retailers and manufacturers know that one taste of your product can create a lifelong customer, and many are learning there are ways you can improve your customer’s experience of your product. EcoTensil, maker of silky-smooth paperboard utensils, provides a more satisfying sampling experience while offering an eco-friendly alternative to plastic sampling...
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