EcoTasters Improve the Food Demo Experience

In the uber-competitive grocery marketplace, demos give you just one taste to wow your customer. Until now, utensils used in sampling have not posed an opportunity to improve the customer product experience. The new ultra-smooth, paperboard tasting spoon, EcoTaster, provides an enhanced tasting experience. Read the article ...
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The Differences Between “Compostable” & “Biodegradable”

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] The terminology pertaining to green materials can confuse even the savviest consumer. With the proliferation of bioplastics and greenwashing, the understanding of this difference becomes even more critical. Contrary to most consumers' understanding, most "biodegradable" bioplastics don't break down in compost facilities and therefore end up in landfill, taking up space for thousands of...
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Ecotensil makes food sampling sustainable

Offering tasting samples to customers is a staple of the food industry. But all those trashcans full of mini plastic spoons and cups is not exactly staying true to the eco-friendly ideals of those in the natural and organic food world. This is why we caught up with Peggy Cross at the Winter Fancy Food...
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