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Extra Sturdy iScoop Designed to Meet Industry Demand

The iScoop is meeting the demand by ice cream and gelato retailers for a convenient, cost-effective, and green solution for frozen treat sampling that consumers love! “I created the iScoop because we were continually getting feedback from ice cream and gelato retailers who were looking for a sturdier version of our popular and efficient...

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SpoonLidz – A New-fangled Innovation

SpoonLidz by EcoTensil is an over-lid for single-serve cups, which converts to a sanitary and sturdy spoon in one easy fold. Convenient for on-the-go eating, material efficient SpoonLidz is made from silky-smooth, renewable paperboard. Customizable and brandable, SpoonLidz provide a sustainable value-add to yogurt, fruit, and other to-go foods. Packaging Design 2013 Awards...

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PACK EXPO Las Vegas Provides Industry Market Solutions

Innovative Packaging Component that Includes Spoon in Product’s Lid

EcoTensil, Inc., Corte Madera, Calif., expanded their offerings of ultra-green tasting utensils to include SpoonLidz, a packaging component that provides the convenience of an included spoon right on the product’s lid. SpoonLidz are placed over the seal on single-serve cups, and convert to spoons in one easy fold....
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Progressive Grocer features EcoTaster Mini’s

Although sampling can increase sales, its downside is the waste generated when plastic spoons and cups are used once and then thrown in the garbage on the start of their ultimate journey to the landfill. "That is money that grocers practically throw in the trash," asserts Peggy Cross, founder and CEO of EcoTensil. "I understand that...
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