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Sample Spoons tasting spoons EcoTaster


Compostable EcoTaster tasting utensil is our greenest product, perfect for a few bites!

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Sample Spoons scoop ice cream tasting spoons


These extra-sturdy tasters were designed specifically to sample ice cream.

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Ecospoons biodegradable spoons


Longer-lasting, full-sized utensil perfect for full-sized servings of frozen yogurt or even a hot cup of chili.

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spoonlidz on-package spoons


The grab & go, on-package spoon solution. Spoon stays sanitarily folded under its handle. In one easy fold, becomes a fun and sturdy spoon.

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spoonlidz on package spoons

SpoonLidz Toppin’Cup©

This brandable SpoonLid, snap-seals into the custom Toppin’Cup to keep contents fresh. The Toppin’Cup snaps into the parfait cup!

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EcoSpoon spoons on-package solutions, EcoSpoon4

Wrapped EcoSpoon4

Our long-lasting, “blue dot” utensil is sanitarily wrapped and very sturdy for full-sized servings. Can be branded and attaches in or on packaging.

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Spoonlidz popout spoons

SpoonLidz PopOut©

Spoon “Pops Out” out of ultra-thin laminate and folds into spoon. Laminate keeps spoon sanitary. Goes on top of or can be inset into single-serve cup.

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EcoSecurity Utensil®

A safer eating utensil for correctional and psychiatric facilities. Made from slick, moisture-resistent paperboard.

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