Perfect for a full cup of frozen yogurt to hot chili

EcoSpoons are beautifully brandable

Here’s how it works…

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Starter Kits come with a bamboo dispenser


EcoSpoon is larger and longer-lasting than the EcoTasters, made out of our “Blue Dot©” paperboard, silky-smooth like a soda cup. In one fun fold EcoSpoon becomes a sturdy, pleasing spoon, perfect for full servings.

  • Holds up beautifully for full servings:
    • from frozen yogurt, to hot chili
    • from soft parfaits, to solid cheese cake — from chunky fruit salad, to smooth oatmeal
    • from “forkable” deli salads, to spoonable soups
  • Ultra-compact
  • Resists moisture like a paper cup
  • Beautiful to brand

Cost Savings & Efficiencies

  •  Space efficient: uses 55% to 80% less storage space than plastic. That’s a lot of space savings in shipping and storage!
  •  Saves money on internal shipping and storage.
  •  An inexpensive way to show your customers you care about their environment.
  •  Printed EcoSpoons cost-effectively reinforce your brand message/style

Sustainability  plus_blue

A disposable utensil is used for just a few minutes, why use plastic that will persist for centuries?
About the “Blue Dot” EcoSpoon:

  • Much less material used than any other spoon
  • Recyclable and compostable at facilities that accept paper cups
  • Made in USA + ultra compact cube = low carbon footprint in shipping
  • Made from highest quality paperboard

What can you eat with an EcoSpoon?

Just about anything you can eat with a spoon and many thing that you would eat with a fork. EcoSpoons work great for full servings of frozen yogurt, hot soup, chili and much more. EcoSpoons are strong enough to cut through semi-hard cheeses or cheesecake!

To Buy EcoSpoons or Order Custom Printing

If your interested in buying EcoSpoons or branding them with your logo, Contact us for info.

Tips For Use

Try taking a ten or so EcoSpoons and pre-folding all at once, then inserting into dispenser. This makes self-service more intuitive for customers.


“Companies that promote sustainability through marketing experienced a 5% average sales jump.” (Nielsen Report, 2012)