Monthly Archives: January 2012

Close to half of the exhibitors serving with utensils at NPEE used EcoTasters

We first spotted EcoTensil at Natural Products Expo West earlier this year, and were happy to see the little compostable, recyclable spoons now taking over at Expo East. For retailers and product manufacturers looking to reduce sampling waste, EcoTensil's products are a no-brainer. The recyclable spoons compost in 3-5 weeks and are made from FSC-certified...
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The Sustainable Deli

Deli operators are becoming just as concerned about sustainability as their customers and suppliers. Much of deli fare is grab-and-go, so it tends to create a great deal of waste. As consumers become increasingly concerns about their carbon footprint, there is concern they may eschew the deli altogether, in search of more sustainable sustenance. Read more

Ecotensil: The Solution for one Taste Waste

Little paper bowls and tiny little plastic disposable spoons are handed out by the hundreds and thousands. Then get tossed in the trash by the hundreds and thousands. All those tiny little plastic spoons can have a huge impact- especially when they end up...
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