Monthly Archives: January 2012

Ecotensil wins Best Green Product award at Natural Products Expo 2010

Take-out food and sustainability - Is it even possible? Peggy Cross, an entrepreneur and product packaging designer, founded EcoTensil as means to reduce “one taste plastic waste” (i.e. sample spoons used to taste test ice cream flavors or other in-store samples). Though carrying around usable utensils might be the most sustainable option, it is not always...
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EcoTensils Rethinks the Plastic Spoon with a Low-Impact Design

Do you really need a utensil that you use for a couple of bites that when thrown away lasts forever, pollutes our oceans and fills up landfills? I can’t imagine anyone answering yes to that question. But the need for disposable plastics and utensils just does not seem to go away! EcoTensil founder Peggy Cross, echoes...
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Eco-friendly Tasting Spoons Save the Planet One Fro-yo Bite at a Time

Ever wondered what happens to tasting spoons after you've sampled the latest fro-yo flavor? Peggy Cross did and found the little plastic utensils usually end up in landfills for centuries. Drawing on her experience as a marketing director, the mother of two boys applied her knowledge of efficient packaging and distribution to spoon design. The...
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