Composting at the Summer Fancy Food Show Is Easy

Composting at the Summer Fancy Food Show Is Easy

Reduce Your Forkprint! Just follow these 4 simple steps to set up food waste composting in your booth at the Summer Fancy Food Show

Working to Close the Recycling Loop

We all recognize that food waste at food shows can have a large environmental impact and the Speciality Food Association along with New York City and the Jarvits Convention Center are committed to continuous improvement in the area of food and food service ware waste diversion from landfill.

Be sure to review the Speciality Food Association's  'Sustainability Initiative’ page for tips on using compostable or recyclable service ware for samples and give-a-ways in your booth.

Composting Your Food Waste & Sampling Utensils in 4 Easy Steps

Butternut soup_LwRzStep One: Order 100% compostable sampling spoons, wooden toothpicks, and paper soufflé cups in advance of show.  Grab 10% OFF compostable future-friendly EcoTasters with promo code:  FFNY18




Step Two: Think when you throw by creating clearly-marked compost bin(s) in your booth for compostable sampling spoons, paper soufflé cups, wooden toothpicks, and all food waste from your sampling and food demos. Use these handy printable compost labels.


Reminder: Be sure to line your Compost bin with a compostable bag. We love using green BioBags as our compost bin liners at trade shows and farmers’ markets.

EcoCups&EcoT w food_MidRzStep Three: Deposit ALL your demo ware and sampling utensils, soufflé cups, wooden toothpicks, and food waste in your compost bin(s). No separating or costly sorting needed. Keep your booth at least 2 ft back in your booth so show attendees don’t accidently toss in non-compostable items such as plastic spoons, wrappers, etc.






Step Four: Dispose of your booth’s Compost bin contents at one of designated Eco-Stations with designated waste stream stations within the Jarvits Convention Center. Remind any event cleaning staff that the bin contents are all 100% compostable!





Composting – It’s in the Bag!  Remember that all your  sampling utensils can go into your composting bin at the Fancy Food Show. That means no separating or sorting at the show. Reduce one-taste plastic waste by using fully compostable demo ware in your booth like paper souffle cups, wooden toothpicks and EcoTaster sampling spoons.


Learn more about Sustainability Initiatives for exhibitors at #SFFS18.

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