Is Your Product Truly Grab & Go Without the Spoon?

It’s Monday morning and everyone is rushing to get out the door. You scrounge for a spoon, grab the lunch box and as you’re about to toss in the yogurt cup, there it is... the yogurt spoon from last week, which has spawned a science project . . .

It’s understood, today’s busy consumers are clamoring for nutritious, grab & go food. But so many of these satisfying single-serve products require a spoon, which can turn a to-go product into a no-go product.

How are packaging innovators raising the bar to address products that need a utensil, and expand sales opportunities to foodservice and vending as well?

One answer can be seen in just about every airport and C-store – those ubiquitous dips and salsas that comes in a split package. Why? They are tasty and use pretzels or crackers as the “spoon,” thus truly grab & go.

A sleek solution is the Chia Pod which has a little spoon that snaps into its lid for a complete, nutritious snack that is ready anytime.


The recent popularity of the squeeze pouch is also clear evidence that people are seeking simplicity in their to-go snacks.


Attendees were 5-deep at Natural Products Expo East, eager to see the fresh, new, spoonable smoothie by Avoke with its multi-functional SpoonLidzPopOut™ spoon. The eye-catching tray is shaped like an avocado, with a clever “pit” filled with the crunchy topping. The sturdy, smooth paperboard PopOut Spoon by EcoTensil doubles as the label.


Del Destino (Atalanta) has added a spoon between the two cups of their mix-and-eat quinoa salads. We’re seeing trends for including spoons in hot and cold grain cups. More likely coming to a C-store near you soon!

You can see one of EcoTensil's solutions on the left below. The inner lid of a double-wall hot cup lid is replaced by a PopOut spoon. Others are inserting spoons right in with their dry product. Convenience on the go!

doublewall Lid_SuperFoods

Leading retailers in the UK: Tesco, Asda, and Sainsbury’s are building utensils into their grab-and-go deli salads.


Grab-and-go is here to stay!
Is your product truly grab-and-go?

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