Compostable 2oz Sample Cups - Case of 1,000

Our new 2oz sugarcane sampling cups are all you need to go with your EcoTaster Mini tasting utensils! 

 Our sampling cups are made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane fiber.
• The clean, white cups p
air elegantly with EcoTasters to show off your sample.
• 1000 2oz Portion Cups from EcoProducts come sanitarily wrapped in 20 easy-to-manage packets of 50.

• BPI Certified for compostability and PFAS-free
• S
turdy, grease resistant, cut resistant, heat and cold resistant, microwavable
2.75" across the top, 1.6" across the bottom, and 1.25" tall

Note on the sustainability of our sugarcane fiber: 
  • Traditional plastic cups and clamshells are made from petroleum, the world's most valuable, non-renewable resource.
  • Sugarcane products are made from rapidly renewable resources, not oil.
  • Our EcoProducts sugarcane products are made from a reclaimed resource that would otherwise have been burned.
  • Our sugarcane products are compostable in commercial compost facilities.
  • Compost is a great way to improve vital soil resources and divert waste that would otherwise be landfilled.


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