iscoop ice cream sample spoons

iscoop ice cream sample spoons

iscoop ice cream sample spoons

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Eco-iScoop is the revolutionary little ice cream taster made from sustainable, silky-smooth paperboard. Makes passing a sample easier. Surprisingly sturdy and material efficient, iScoops provide a greener sampling both you and your customers will feel great about!

Use for more than ice cream Buy

Many of our cheese customers love to use Eco-iScoops for carving samples of hard cheeses. Try it for fudge or other harder foods.

Easy Peasy Pass — Pinch 2 dots to scoop and hold 1 dot to serve

Bend along scores to touch dots. Pinch both dots together to scoop. Hold 1 dot and serve. This allows an easy pass, and ensures that the customer will use the Eco-iScoop in a pleasing open position.

Use the handy bamboo dispenser Buy

We recommend taking 10 or so and giving them a starter bend all at once and using our handsome bamboo dispenser. Eco-iScoops are sanitary to dispense if you place in the dispenser round end down — that way you never touch the eating end.


Reduce "one-taste plastic waste!" Recyclable and compostable at facilities where milk cartons are accepted.