SpoonLidz PopOut

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SpoonLidz PopOut Ice Cream Frozen DessertReplaces tab lid for ice cream

SpoonLidz PopOut - Greek Yogurt sizeCan be shrink banded over foil lid for yogurt, etc.

SpoonLidz PopOut - Double Wall lidReplaces inner lid of double wall lid

SpoonLidz PopOut - two-part capReplaces foil for dome lid

Promo tab promotes spoon or message

SpoonLidz PopOut on shelf with POS tabPromo tab increases on-shelf visibility


See the SpoonLidz PopOut in action!




EcoTensil's SpoonLidz PopOut literally pops right out of the lid, and in one easy fold becomes a fun utensil! The Pop-Out is topped with a thin printable laminate to keep the utensil sanitary. Its unique fold creates a structural strength unexpected from paperboard utensils. Ideal for ice cream, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal and other single-serve food cups!

How it works

• Sturdy, smooth paperboard – like an ice cream cup
• Printable laminate keeps spoon sanitary
• Spoon pops out, peels off laminate


• Increase placement and grab & go sales
• Makes any spoonable product truly grab & go
• "POS tab" STOPS consumer eye on shelf
• Space-efficient – does not increase cube size
• Improves stacking
• A cost-effective grab & go alternative to a costly change-over to squeeze packs
• Beautifully brandable
• Reduces damages

Many ways to attach to single-serve cups

• Shrink-band
• Place over sealing film/foil with glue dots
• Snap-into dome lid (can replace foil)
• Recess into compression ring
• For frozen dessert cups: replaces inset tab lid
• Replaces inner lid of double-wall lid

PopOut Cost Reductions

• Added structural strength reduces damages in shipping . . .
• . . . and elimnates need for pads between layers
• Eliminate printing on foil
• Can reduce gauge of foil