SpoonLidz Toppin’ Cup

In one easy fold, the SpoonLidz becomes a pleasing utensil


This brandable SpoonLid, snap-seals into the custom Toppin’Cup to keep contents fresh. The Toppin’Cup snaps
into the parfait cup!

SpoonLidz Toppin’Cup is the complete convenience solution allowing grab-and-go parfait cups to include a spoon! This sustainable and fun spoon, lid and tray combo replaces an ordinary plastic lid and insert tray. In one easy fold, the Spoonlidz becomes a pleasing utensil ideal for a full cup of yogurt with fruit, pudding and more. Its unique fold creates a structural strength unexpected from paperboard utensils with the length to reach every last bite. The tray snaps onto a standard cup to seal wet product.

How it works

• SpoonLidz snaps tightly into our patent pending dry ingredient tray


• Increase placement and grab & go sales
• Makes any spoonable product truly grab & go
• Eliminate the need to carry plastic spoons by providing an on-pack spoon, while decreasing plastic
• Provide cost-savings with printable area for branding and messaging, instead of printing a label or cup
• Made from sustainable paperboard, like a paper cup, the revolutionary SpoonLidz is recyclable and compostable where wax coated paper is accepted