Wrapped EcoSpoon4


EcoSpoon4 - unwrapped or wrapped sppon can be inserted into or onto packaging


Utensil on-serting at Unique Solutions

Our longer lasting “Blue Dot” paperboard makes the EcoSpoon4 perfect for eating on-the-go. At just 4” long, it can easily be inserted into a cup or tray of dry oatmeal, soup or cereal. Add your brand message and take advantage of a great marketing opportunity.

Wrapped EcoSpoon4

Our EcoSpoon4 is designed especially for packaging. This 4-inch long spoon fits in most dry cereal-type cups and trays. EcoSpoon4 can be sanitarily flow-wrapped and attached in or on a package, such as an overwrap of single-serve cups. Also available wrapped for use point-of-sale or food service applications.


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The EcoSpoon4 comes sanitarily self-sealed under your label, with minimal material, minimal effort! Contact us for more info.


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