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EcoTensil•5 (AquaDot™) Case of 2,500 Sturdy Paper Spoons/Utensils, Compostable Cutlery 5" (127mm)

AquaDot™ EcoTensil-5 is pleasing and sturdy - like a paper cup - and also Single-use Plastic Directive-compliant, plastic-free, PEFC® Certified**, and 100% compostable and recyclable.

The case of 2,500 comes banded in stacks.

Longer-lasting, full-sized EcoTensil (5 inches / 127 mm) is perfect for full-sized servings of bite-sized, or food that does not require a knife to cut, such as:

- Frozen yogurt, parfaits
- Desserts: cake, pudding, cheese cake, frozen yogurt
-  Mac & cheese, pasta, rice dishes, deli salads
- Thick soups, stews, porridge.
- Can cut through food the consistency of cheesecake, bananas, soft cheese.