How to Order from Outside the US

UK and Europe
If you are in Europe or the UK, please go to our EU/UK site:
Orders from this website will be shipped from the Netherlands.
Products may also be ordered from our EU/UK distributors listed below. 

Canada, Australia and New Zealand 
Please order from our distributors listed below. 

For shipping to all other countries
You may order direct from our US HQ by calling 415-924-0233 to place your order.
Note: We have a minimum US $300 for all other countries.

International EcoTensil Distributors


BSI Biodegradable Solutions in Vancouver, BC
Susanna Carson
phone: +604-630-5115



Nova Envirocom in Quebec
phone: +866-898-6682


For shipping direct to Canada
You may also order direct from our US HQ by calling 415 924 0233 to place your order.
Note: We have a minimum US $300 for direct orders to Canada.


EU / UK 

Celebration (EU and UK)
Fiona Jemmott
phone: +44 1283 538259  

eGreen International Limited
(supplier of EcoSpoon5 and EcoTaster Mini & Mid)
phone: +44 (0) 208 646 0456



Epicure Trading Ltd.
phone:  +64 9 377 8925