Brand with every bite!

FAQ on customizing

Custom Printing +

Q: Do you custom print so I can add my logo or other communication to the EcoTasters?

Yes, customization is available on the side of the EcoTaster that does not have the dots. Please contact us at for more information. There’s a 50,000 unit MOQ for custom branded EcoTasters.

Q: How long does it take to brand my EcoTasters?

To keep prices down, we run batches of branded products together  about every two months. 

Q: Can I brand any EcoTensil product, or just the EcoTasters?

Yes, we do custom print many of our utensil lines and custom on-package utensils. Please contact us at for more information regarding the next branded run of a given product. MOQs start at 50,000 units.


On-package utensils +

Q: How do I find out more about your complete range of on-package paperboard utensils?  Start with the on-package section of our website, then click the Contact Us button and someone from the EcoTensil packaging team will get right back to you. You may also call our HQ/Packaging Team at 415-924-0233 extension 11 or email: To help us expedite answers to you, please include volumes and type of product/package you have.

Q: Are there other types of utensils and measuring scoops for packages not shown on the website?

Yes, please contact us at with your needs and objectives so we can guide you to a perfect fit.