About EcoTensil

Who we are

The EcoTensil team is passionate about designing practical, pleasing solutions to support growing demand for to-go convenience while reducing the amount of costly waste burdening our landfills and oceans.


Prior to founding EcoTensil Inc in 2010, Peggy Cross had been Principal, Creative Director and Co-founder of Sterling Cross Creative Inc., a strategic food and beverage packaging design firm for national brands, from 1996 to 2010. Prior to this, she designed and directed at top packaging design firms in San Francisco and New York City.

As the working mother of two boys, Peggy understands the value of convenience for the on-the-go consumer. She came up with the idea for EcoTensil on a fortuitous road trip. With two hungry kids and no spoons for the yogurt she had packed, she created the first EcoTensil out of the side of a cracker box.

As she longed for simpler lunch-packing every hectic morning, she could not get the EcoTensil out of her mind. She trusted her lifelong proven track record of understanding trends, and it became clear that this on-pack spoon would fill a need for millions of others while reducing the impact of plastic utensils on the environment. Using her packaging, industrial design, and marketing skills, she developed EcoTensil, EcoTaster, SpoonLidz® and others into the beautifully simple, sustainable designs that have have now inspired love mail from across the country.

“We love our customers for helping make a real difference in leaving this planet a better place for the next generations, while making the lives of everyday people easier today,” says Cross.

What we make

EcoTensil has reinvented the disposable spoon. In one fun fold, EcoTensil's pleasingly smooth paperboard products transform into the most sustainable, highly space-efficient, and brandable utensils available. Our award-winning, nationally distributed EcoTaster® tasting utensil uses 1/5th the space of other mid-sized tasters. We are the lowest cost compostable and recyclable* tasting spoon on the market.

Our full-sized, longer lasting EcoTensil® can be beautifully branded for foodservice such as fro-yo and fast food chains. Our on-package utensil solutions fill a growing demand for grab-and-go, single-serve products.




2021 FSC® Leadership Award    
Natural Products Expo “Best Green Product” by retailers
Sofi Gold Most Innovative Non-Food Product at NAFST, NYC



    Our products are manufactured in the USA.
    EcoTensil is a Women Founded and Managed California business since 2010.