To GreenDot or to BlueDot... that is the question

Both GreenDot© and BlueDot© lines:
• Use 60- 85% less material than plastic or wood disposables.
• Are made from renewable, sustainably forested FSC® paperboard
• Are sturdy, moisture resistant paperboard, similar to a paper cup
• Are silky smooth, approved by 3rd party sensory lab for pleasing consumer experience.
• Much better "mouth feel" than wood spoons
• Ultra compact - easy to transport and store

Green Dot: Fully compostable and recyclable - perfect for a few bites (EcoTaster)
Blue Dot: Longer lasting. Great for full servings (EcoSpoon, iScoop, packaging products)

EcoTaster sampling utensils

EcoSpoon, for full servings

iScoop for ice cream

Wrapped Utensils

Utensils for packaging