SafeServe™ Sneeze Guard 14" for Food Sampling

EcoTensil® SafeServe 14" 
Portable tabletop sneeze guard for stunning and safe food demos   

SafeServe by EcoTensil is designed especially to help you return to food demos safely. This easy-to-transport tabletop sneeze guard shows off your sample beautifully through crystal clear acrylic, which is angled towards the customer for a safe and appetizing view of your product.  

The 14" SafeServe physical barrier is made for easy and sanitary sampling with EcoTasters® and iScoops™, either with or without sample cups. Best for two to six samples at a time.

The clear bottom tray is easily loaded with one or several food samples, then slides under the sneeze guard for your customers to try. The tray slides back out for super easy sanitizing and reloading. 

The physical barrier gives your customer confidence that your sample is safe from contaminants at trade shows, retail environments, farmers markets, road shows, etc.

Complete your safe sampling program with the easily dispensed EcoTaster in their tidy, sanitarily re-closable cube. 

  • Materials:  clear plexiglass
  • Weight:  approximately 2 lb. 5 oz.
  • Dimensions: 14" wide, 6" deep, 6" tall 

  • The 14" is ideal for two to six samples at a time
  • Slide out tray is a snap to wipe clean and reload
  • Shows your sample clearly and elegantly
  • Small and portable, easily fits in your sampling area
  • Customers will feel comfortable trying your samples under the SafeServe
  • Tall enough to use a cup and EcoTaster
Tips and care:
  • Face handle of EcoTaster® towards customer, or use a cup and EcoTaster
  • Prefold your EcoTaster so your customer can grasp handle easily with little or no contact with tray
  • For best hygiene, narrow opening faces customer
  • Samples may be placed on waxed paper or napkin for quick clean up.
  • Keep a spritz bottle of warm water handy with 5% mild dish soap for cleaning in-between servings. Wipe with a soft cloth. 
  • To keep your SafeServe dazzling, please hand wash with only mild dish soap and warm water, no abrasives, bleach, VOCs, alcohol or ammonia (Windex).
SafeServe comes in 9" for a single sample or 14" for multi samples.