EcoTensil® - Cutlery for foodservice


EcoTensil-3, -4 and -5 are made from our longest-lasting AquaDot™ paperboard, also available in our BlueDot™ line. EcoTensil is silky-smooth and sturdy like a paper coffee cup.

In one fun fold EcoTensil becomes a sturdy, pleasing spoon, more eco-friendly and space efficient than plastic or bio-plastic, with a much nicer "mouth-feel" than wooden cutlery.

EcoTensil can be used for just about anything you can eat with a spoon and most things that you would eat with a fork.

EcoTensil holds up beautifully for full servings, from frozen yogurt to hot chili. It's strong enough to cut through cheesecake and easily scoops chunky deli salads, even thicker soups. It's perfect for foodservice and packaging.