Natural Products Expo West to Eliminate Single-Use Plastics in 2022, Including Plastic Sampling Spoons and Cups

Natural Products Expo West to Eliminate Single-Use Plastics in 2022, Including Plastic Sampling Spoons and Cups

Natural Products Expos is working hard towards the elimination of single-use plastics at Expo West and Expo East 2022.  

Sampling products, including service ware such as sampling spoons and cups, are some of the biggest contributors to the waste stream at Expo West in Anaheim, CA.     


What are the new sustainable guidelines for Expo West '22?  

Natural Products EXPO is working closely with exhibitors with the goal of elimination of single-use plastics by 2022. 




What type of service ware meets sustainability rules at NPEE in 2021?

Natural Products Expo is eliminating single-use plastics in 2022. Under the new  Sustainability Guidelines;

"Plastic sampling cups, utensils or other vessels will no longer be permitted on the show floor, [exhibitors are] to use only compostable, edible or reusable options...”.

Note, this does not apply to the brand packaging for the exhibitor's products. We suggest your Expo West booth organizers read over all of the new sustainability guidelines.

100% compostable, disposable GreenDot EcoTasters meet Natural Product EXPO’s newest regulation for plastic-free, compostable service ware, including utensils/ sampling spoons.

Compostable, recyclable plastic-free GreenDot EcoTaster paperboard tasting spoons:

  • are made from silky-smooth plastic-free, FSC* paperboard.
  • stay clean in their re-closable, hygienic, ultra compact “Cube”.
  • allows servers to only touch the handle end of EcoTasters, not the spoon end (as with a big bag of plastic or wood utensils).
  • do not have a negative effect on the taste of the sample, as can wood.



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What can you sample with a GreenDot EcoTaster?  Just about anything!



Safer Sampling Utensils 

During the COVID pandemic, sanitary disposable dispensing has become even more imperative when offering food samples. It’s important that your booth visitors feel good about your food samples and  safety protocols.

Having servers repeatedly reaching into a big bag or box of loose wood or plastic spoons is not safe food service protocol, even with gloves on. Watch our video on safe sample utensil dispensing dispensing at your booth. 


Avoid cross contamination with GreenDot EcoTaster paper board sampling spoons. The EcoTaster 'Cube" allows for easy and hygienic dispensing during Covid safety regulations.


Watch how the handy EcoTaster 'Cube' safely dispenses EcoTasters for servers in your booth versus using a bag of loose plastic or wooden tasting spoons.

100% compostable, disposable GreenDot EcoTaster tasting spoons are an Expo West and GES approved 'EcoProduct' for sampling at Expo West '22. Learn more  


Why not beautifully brand your EcoTaster paper tasting spoons for Expo West? 

They loved your sample but will they remember your brand?

You've undoubtedly spent time, money, and great effort to showcase you brand at Natural Products Expo West so why not make your brand shine with branded tasting spoons? Leave a lasting impression with industry buyers at Fancy Food Show by branding silky-smooth, compostable, disposable plastic-free paperboard EcoTaster spoons.

Branded, plated EcoTasters look beautiful, safe, and appetizing under the required sneeze guard / plastic food guards.



Beautifully branded EcoTaster Mini paper spoons with Bravado Spice branding (logo and website).


Request Samples Today of Branded EcoTaster Mini or Mid Tasting Spoons