On-package paperboard cutlery addresses single-use plastic waste in the airline / travel and leisure industry

On-package paperboard cutlery addresses single-use plastic waste in the airline  / travel and leisure industry

Global air, ferry, and train travel generates millions of tones of single-use plastic waste from packaging every year. Travel and leisure passengers continue to look to the travel industry to offer more sustainable, compostable plastic-free options on-board.   



Photo: Single-use plastic waste trash collected from just a quarter section of one flight in the US.


Typically for regular cabin meal service, just about everything has traditionally been wrapped in plastic, including single-use plastic cutlery and food containers. Passengers are demanding that the airlines, ferries and trains do better! 



Photo: Single-use plastic waste from invidual airline meal tray in economy class. 

Although the travel industry is slowly beginning to replace single-use plastic cutlery with compostable options, the transition has been slow and has not applied to individual plastic meal trays, portion cups, etc.

EcoTensil has partnered with food packaging leader, Global-C, to addresses some of these challenges for the travel industry.  

The unique, patented Neverleak™ food packaging from Global-C, already in the airline market, becomes even better with the addition of the convenience and functionality of the built-in patented sturdy folding paperboard utensil from EcoTensil®. The combination of these two well-established products (the NeverLeak food box and the EcoTensil multi-tensil) makes a unique revolutionary food box that allows for ease of use and significant single-use plastic reduction. The multi-tensil folds back neatly inside the box so it is sandwiched between the flap in the lid thereby being separate from the food and staying clean.        


These plastic-free containers are leak-proof and suitable for all types of warm and cold onboard menus. Remarkably, the containers and attached utensil can be frozen to -40 degrees C and safely heated in an oven to 220 degrees C. These convenient containers are perfect for airlines, rail, ferries, and cruise ships. 

Neverleak_ EcoTensil_Collection_Deli_Food_Box_by_GlobalC

Specialized food boxes such as these are simply easy to handle for crew, hygienic, and their shape makes them space-efficient for on-board storing, while improving the experience for the passenger. When implementing the NeverLeak EcoTensil Collection onboard, plastic-wrapped cutlery packets are no longer necessary, which saves time for the cabin crew and reduces single-use plastic waste. 

Photo: EcoTensil•4 (AquaDot™) flexible, carton spoon. 

With simple bend-to-touch-the-dots usability, the utensil offers a pleasing sensory experience that complements food. The satiny texture is more appetizing than dry wood, which detracts from the flavour and enjoyment of food.  AquaDot™ EcoTensil® is pleasing and sturdy - like a paper cup - and also Single-use Plastic Directive-compliant for the EU, plastic-free and 100% compostable and recyclable.

One of the key advantages of the NeverLeak EcoTensil Collection is the combination of these two established onboard catering products allow passengers to eat their food whenever and wherever they are. For example, the NeverLeak EcoTensil packaging is served on a flight, but the passenger is not hungry at that time. With Global-C’s patented EasyClick closure, the airline meal or snack becomes truly grab-and-go and may be enjoyed later. And when the passenger is ready to eat, the EcoTensil multi-tensil is built right into the box.

Photo: NeverLeak EcoTensil Collection product selection.

This new joint product is plastic-free, recyclable and 100% home and industrial compostable and PFAS-free. The NeverLeak EcoTensil Collection comes in four standard sizes that can be custom printed. Bespoke shapes and sizes are also possible with larger order quantities.


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