SIAL Canada 2022 is back, along with food sampling!

SIAL Canada 2022 is back, along with food sampling!

SIAL Canada is back with over 600 national and international exhibitors from 40 different food companies, along with food sampling! 

Food manufacturers have relied on food shows and sampling to show buyers and consumers how delicious and innovative their food products are. 

After the hiatus due to the pandemic, SIAL Canada exhibitors will want to offer their very best food products to the 25,000+ visitors. Food safety and sustainability go hand and hand and exhibitors will want to showcase their best offerings.     

Taking time now to prepare a sampling program for your stand at food shows will help ensure that you are following the show and city/convention center regulations and guidelines. This will allow your hygienic food samples to be trusted and enjoyed despite the ongoing pandemic.     



Tips to sample safely in your booth at SIAL Canada 2022

Many food manufacturers and retailers are using plexi food covers / sneeze guards to showcase their samples safely during the COVID pandemic.

If you are looking for a sneeze guard that is easy to refill and clean, the EcoTensil SafeServe shows your samples safely, clearly and elegantly.


  • Slide out tray is a snap to wipe clean and reload.
  • Small and portable, easily fits in your sampling area.
  • Customers will feel comfortable trying your samples under the SafeServe
  • Shop the SafeServe which comes in a 14” and 9” size. The 14” SafeServe is best for multiple samples at larger sampling events like food shows. The 9 inch SafeServe is perfect for in-store sampling when offering only 1-2 samples at a time.
  • Contact EcoTensil today for a shipping quote to Canada

Safer Sampling Utensils 

During the COVID pandemic, sanitary disposable dispensing has become even more imperative when offering food samples. It’s important that your booth visitors feel good about your food samples and  safety protocols.

Having servers repeatedly reaching into a big bag or box of loose wood or plastic spoons is not safe food service protocol, even with gloves on. Watch our video on safe sample utensil dispensing dispensing at your booth. 

Hygienic Food Sampling - EcoTaster v Plastic Spoon video 


100% compostable, disposable GreenDot EcoTasters meet new trade show regulations for plastic-free, compostable service ware, including utensils/ sampling spoons.



GreenDot EcoTaster tasting spoons come packed in handy re-closable, hygienic, ultra compact  "cubes" for easy dispensing!


Avoid cross contamination with GreenDot EcoTaster paper board sampling spoons. The EcoTaster 'Cube" allows for easy and hygienic dispensing during Covid safety regulations.

Compostable, recyclable plastic-free GreenDot EcoTaster paperboard tasting spoons:

  • are made from silky-smooth plastic-free, FSC* paperboard.
  • stay clean in their re-closable, hygienic, ultra compact “Cube”.
  • allows servers to only touch the handle end of EcoTasters, not the spoon end (as with a big bag of plastic or wood utensils).
  • do not have a negative effect on the taste of the sample, as can wood.

What can you sample with a GreenDot EcoTaster?  Just about anything!



How to order 100% compostable plastic-free GreenDot EcoTaster sampling spoons in Canada for SIAL 2022?

EcoTensil distributes GreenDot EcoTasters through two EcoTensil resellers in Canada:  BSI Biodegradable Solutions in Vancouver, BC and Nova Envirocom in Quebec. 

Nova Envirocom in Quebec even sells the GreenDot EcoTaster Mid with the 'Bend to touch dots' instructions translated into French ('Pliez pour joindrew les points').


EcoTaster_Compostable_PlasticFree_SamplingSpoon_Pliezpourjoindreles points_NovaEnvirocon_byEcoTensil

'Pliez pour joindre les points' GreenDot EcoTaster Mid tasting spoon available via Nova Envirocom in Quebec.



Nova Envirocom in Quebec
phone: +866-898-6682

Nova Envirocom sells the EcoTaster Mid with 'Pliez pour joindre les points' (Bend to touch dots) in French!


Susanna Carson
phone: +604-630-5115


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