Progressive Grocer features EcoTaster Mini as the sustainable alternative to plastic sampling spoons for retailers


Although sampling can increase sales, its downside is the waste generated when plastic spoons and cups are used once and then thrown in the garbage on the start of their ultimate journey to the landfill.

"That is money that grocers practically throw in the trash," asserts Peggy Cross, founder and CEO of EcoTensil.

"I understand that disposable tasting spoons provide businesses with convenience and profit potentials, but there is a better way that doesn't involve nearly as much cost or plastic waste."

Among the food retailers that have successfully employed the sustainable spoons for in-store events is, unsurprisingly, Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market.

"The customer response to [the EcoTaster Mini] was overwhelmingly positive, and the demo specialists absolutely loved them," observes Melissa Taverse, the grocer's demo program coordinator.

"Customers get a fun and satisfying bite, business owners increase sales and efficiency while showing their commitment to sustainability," Cross notes with an infectious smile, "We are thrilled at how quickly businesses, even the big box stores, are embracing these space and material efficient utensils... it is so great to see the reduction in the impact of single-use plastic on future generations!"