Stonyfield serves samples with EcoTaster, the most eco-friendly tasting spoon at US Open 2010

QUEENS, N.Y. – Consumer outcry for greener business practices is addressed by leading yogurt brand Stonyfield Farm, as the company is serving up the EcoTaster with their products at the US Open. The EcoTaster, by EcoTensil Inc, is a compact disposable tasting spoon made from sturdy, silky-smooth paperboard, which, unlike traditional plastic utensils, is made from renewable SFI certified sources, and is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and uses less material overall. The EcoTaster will be the company’s tasting spoon of choice at the new Stonyfield Café, the first grab-and-go dining option dedicated to serving organic and natural food options in the US Open Food Village. “We are committed to using the most sustainable products available, right down to the tasting spoon” Says David Kampner of Stonyfield. Peggy Cross, principal and creative director of Sterling Cross Creative, Inc., and founder of EcoTensil Inc, the company that manufactures the EcoTaster, could not be happier with Stonyfield’s choice. “We place heavy emphasis on working with customers who make it a priority to present healthy and sustainable options to their consumers,” says Cross. “I’m thrilled that EcoTaster is a part of Stonyfield’s commitment to environmentally conscious business operations,” she adds. The EcoTaster is perfect for in-store samplings, events, delis, food stands, on-pack, or other tasting applications. Not only does the EcoTaster deliver a refreshing opportunity for businesses to be socially responsible, but it provides a highly visible and memorable way to demonstrate this concern for sustainability to their customer base. The 2010 US Open is going on now, and will continue through Sunday, September 12. The tournament is being broadcast by CBS, ESPN2 and the Tennis Channel. Readers who would like more information about the EcoTaster, as well as the full-size, longer-lasting EcoTensil, can visit