The wait is over! EcoTaster®, the most popular, plastic-free compostable, paperboard utensil in the US, arrives in the EU/UK

The wait is over! EcoTaster®, the most popular, plastic-free compostable, paperboard utensil in the US,  arrives in the EU/UK

BIOFACH, Nuremberg (February, 2020) - EcoTensil, the pioneering ten-year-old California-based developer of sustainable paper-based food utensils, is excited to bring to market it’s ever popular line of plastic-free paperboard utensils designed for food service and the single-serve and grab-and-go market. With the opening of a long-awaited fulfillment center in the Netherlands and a brand new website designed for the European market, EcoTaster is well positioned to address the growing demand for compostable, recyclable plastic-free utensils across Europe, Middle East and the UK.




What is EcoTensil bringing to the EU?

Its plastic-free compostable and recyclable GreenDot line and a material-efficient BlueDot line of longer-lasting utensils will be available in Europe, the Middle East and the UK beginning Feb 13, 2020.

EcoTaster® cutlery by EcoTensil is plastic-free, 100% compostable, recyclable and made from FSC paperboard*. Our crowd-pleasing silky-smooth line of "GreenDot" utensils is comprised of sturdy multi-functional easy-to-use utensils, created with one easy fold. EcoTensil off-the-shelf paperboard utensils are also distributed via Celebration Packaging Limited, based in the UK.

The longer-lasting and material-efficient “BlueDot” line holds up beautifully for full servings: from frozen yogurt, deli salads, cheese cake to hot soup or stew. Both lines of utensils are more eco-friendly and space efficient than plastic or bio-plastic, with a much nicer “mouth-feel” than wood cutlery. Pricing information for GreenDot and BlueDot utensils may be found here, along with on-package bespoke options.

How does this address the forthcoming EU single-use plastic bans?

Made from a silky-smooth sustainable paperboard, similar to a coffee cup, but without plastic, GreenDot utensils have a much more pleasing mouth-feel than that of rough wood cutlery. Because they are made from sturdy paper, they optimize space and weight and use much less material over all than wooden or plant-based bio-plastic utensils. We have a wide range of on-package products that are designed for ease of application and functionality. EcoTensil highlights a customer's commitment to leadership in sustainability and single-use plastic waste reduction.

How do the EcoTensil utensil lines demonstrate sustainable packaging design?

The plastic-free compostable and recyclable GreenDot line of utensils or material-efficient BlueDot utensils can be sanitarily attached in or on existing grab-and-go packages to replace single-use plastic utensils. EcoTensil utensils use an average of 75% less material than plastic, bio-plastic or wood utensils! Whether EcoTasters are tossed in the compost bin, recycling or landfill, they are creating only 1/4 the waste of their wood and plastic counterparts!

Available in various sizes, styles and application options, EcoTensil provides a sustainably superior replacement for the plastic utensil for virtually any on-the-go package, from pot to pouch, tray to carton wrap. Founder Peggy Cross has had 30 years of packaging experience, allowing her to design sustainable utensils with packaging equipment applications specifically in mind. The 4-inch long GreenDot spoon is available folded so that it can fit anywhere a folded wrapped plastic spoon can fit, unlike un-foldable wood utensils!

Does EcoTensil minimize energy consumption in its production and recycling? If so, how?

Yes, all scrap left over from the EcoTaster manufacturing process is recycled as high-value material. In addition, EcoTensil products take up an average 1/4 of the space of comparable wood, plastic or bio-plastic cutlery, so, in effect, that means 75% fewer trucks on the road to ship EcoTensil products to their destinations!

Who uses EcoTaster?

EcoTaster products are used by thousands of B2B customers around the world, such as retailers, food manufacturers, and food service.

Retailers like HEB, Target, Walmart and Whole Foods, as well as hundreds of other stores use biodegradable and recyclable EcoTaster spoons for in-store sampling and in deli departments. Among food manufacturers, our products are used by leading companies, such as Chobani, Danone, General Mills, Givaudan, QimiQ, Tribe Hummus, as well as thousands of others, from large to small. Other EcoTensil products are used in the food service industry by Ben and Jerry's, various quick serve chains, and "mom and pop" shops, in addition to countless correctional facilities, hospitals and schools.

Our newest innovative products replace plastic utensils for use on grab-and-go packaging and can be wrapped in compostable film. Two new lines of our folded utensils replace folded plastic spoons for use on deli salad packaging and single-serve yogurt pots and will be available in stores throughout Germany, Switzerland and other European countries starting in late February 2020.