EcoSpoons full-sized eating spoons
EcoSpoon 5: Perfect for a full cup of frozen yogurt to hot chili


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EcoSpoon is larger and longer-lasting than the EcoTasters, made out of our “Blue Dot”© paperboard, silky-smooth like a soda cup. In one fun fold EcoSpoon becomes a sturdy, pleasing spoon, perfect for full servings.

What can you eat with an EcoSpoon? Buy

Just about anything you can eat with a spoon and many thing that you would eat with a fork.

  • Holds up beautifully for full servings:
    • from frozen yogurt, to hot chili
    • strong enough to cut through cheese cake or soft cheese —
      scoops chunky fruit salad
    • perfect for “forkable” deli salads
    • even thicker soups

Cost Savings & Efficiencies

  • Space efficient: uses 55% to 80% less storage space than plastic
    That's a lot of space savings in shipping and storage!
  • Saves money on internal shipping and storage
  • An inexpensive way to show your customers you care about their environment
  • Printed EcoSpoons powerfully reinforce your brand message/style


A disposable utensil is used for just a few minutes, why use dense plastic that will persist for centuries?

The “Blue Dot” EcoSpoon is:

  • Much more material-efficient than any other spoon
  • Recyclable and compostable at facilities that accept paper cups
  • Made in USA + ultra compact cube = low carbon footprint in shipping
  • Made from renewable paperboard

Custom Printing

Brand EcoSpoons with Your LogoPlease contact us if you are interested in buying EcoSpoons or branding them with your logo.

Tips For Best Use:

Try taking a ten or so EcoSpoons and pre-folding all at once, then inserting into dispenser. This makes self-service more intuitive for customers.